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You have come to the right place if you’re looking for delicious vegan recipes, want to discover vegan products, or just want to learn more about what veganism actually is and how to transition from your old diet.

Let me introduce myself: 

My name is Christian and I love vegan food and I believe in being the change I want to see in the world!

When I first heard about Veganism i couldn’t understand why people were doing it.¬†I thought, living a vegan lifestyle was extremely difficult (restricting variety), the meals wouldn’t taste good, and with a vegan diet I couldn’t possibly get all the nutrients needed to be healthy.¬†

Our entire society constantly tells you about the neccesity to consume animal product.


Since I went vegan have discovered that:

  • ¬†Eating vegan and¬†getting your daily protein is super easy!
  • Every meal I eat is¬†incredibly tasty!
  • ¬†I eat a¬†broader variety¬†of food than ever before!
  • ¬†I have¬†more energy¬†and feel better on a day to day basis.
  • Vegan food looks stunning!





Take a look and see how delicious vegan food actually looks!

We don’t have to contribute to all the unneccessary violence, cruelty and suffering that comes with consuming animal products!

I want to share with you my passion about plant based foods and recipes so you too can cook delicious, healthy and stunning looking meals. I believe that it’s not only¬†the right thing to do¬†from an ethical standpoint – It is also¬†delicious as hell¬†and you can feel your body really getting¬†healthy and strong¬†just by feeding it the food we are made for!¬†

Vegan food in general and especially the recipes you can find on my blog are quick to make, easy to cook and cheap to buy!

So don’t wait longer and start your vegan journey!


Find your new favorite recipe!